Get organized with Lock & Roll’s revolutionary design.

Welcome to a world without clutter. The Lock & Roll Organizer™ system revolutionizes how you work, play and store. Customize each unit according to your items, space and lifestyle!

What is the Lock & Roll system?

Lock & Roll is an easy to assemble, use and clean storage system that is perfect for any room that needs added storage. It is designed to be completely customizable so you can organize and store anything! It is also mobile, compact, and durable so you can easily move your system without worrying about damaging it.

Endlessly Customizable!

See the Lock & Roll Organizer in Action!


Welcome to a World Without Clutter

Endlessly Customizable

Combine multiple Lock & Roll systems and use one of our many attachments to create the perfect system for you.

The Complete Storage System

There are no tools required for assembly which means it is easy to build, change, or even take attachments with you to easily transport your things.

Lightweight, Mobile, and Durable

Designed for all seasons and any location, the Lock & Roll is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean!