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Welcome to a world without clutter! The Lock & Roll Organizer™ Storage System is the ideal storage unit for all your organization needs and comes with adjustable attachments:

∙ Small Dual Hook
∙ Multi-use Holder
∙ 2 Small Storage Bins
∙ Unit Shelf
∙ Bungee Cord
∙ 4 Casters
∙ 2 Locks
∙ 6 Half Locks
∙ 1 Base Clip

Add additional units and accessory attachments (available below) wherever needed to customize your system to fit your family’s lifestyle.

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Every family understands how easy it is for things to build up around the house. But how much easier would it be to own one thing that can organize it all? The Lock & Roll Organizer™ Storage System includes everything you’ll need to begin your organization project. Whether you are working on organizing the garage, basement, patio, deck or more, the Storage System has the components you’ll need. Assemble the cart using the shelf for large item storage, or attach the bungee cord to construct a ball corral. Next, position the attachments at the correct heights and positions depending on their contents. Use the Small Dual Hook to hang items like towels, hoses, and tennis rackets. The Multi-Use Holder can store those long-handled tools and sports equipment like hockey and lacrosse sticks. And the Small Storage Buckets can hold anything from chalk and baseballs to gardening hand tools. Simplify your life by saving time and storage with the Lock & Roll Organizer Basic Storage System


Limited One Year Warranty

Lock & Roll™ products are warranted against defects in original workmanship and materials for one year from the original purchase date. If any item fails, return the item with proof of purchase to Tailor Made Products, Inc. at 101 Juneau Street, Elroy, WI 53929. We will, at our discretion, refund the full purchase price or replace the affected item at no charge. This warranty does not cover any damages or defects caused by misuse, abuse or failure to use the item properly.

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Weight 26.63 lbs
Dimensions 24.56 × 18.95 × 36.71 in


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6 reviews for Storage System

  1. Kent

    Added the Lock&Roll Organizer to my garage. Easy setup, lightweight to move around the garage or driveway (light enough for kids to push). This is a great tool to have and it comes with a ton of add on components. Every home should have a Lock&Roll. Their customer support is also top notch.

  2. Kathy Swanstrom

    Best garage organizer!! So easy to put together. This really organized all of my kids sporting equipment. My kids love how easy it is to get what they need and they actually put the stuff back after they are done playing or using it. I love that it is on wheels too. I used to just have bins in my garage that would break or be a mess with stuff that was hard to find when we needed it. This makes everything easy to see and access when you need it. Love the small bins on the side too. Worth the money!!

  3. Carly Musbach

    Absolutely love my new Lock & Roll! With three kids in the house–all with different hobbies–my garage was a disaster. Trying to find things like a baseball covered under layers of scooters and basketballs was almost impossible. Now, everything has its own spot! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  4. M. Wallace

    I have been searching for a concise way to organize my garage. I have 4 active, athletic children; therefore, I have 4 of everything. I have been looking for something, but I didn’t know what. I searched all the stores and online, and just couldn’t find anything perfect for my needs. My choices were either shelving units, bins, or cabinets. I went for the bins because it was reachable and most accessible for the kids.I couldn’t take it anymore. The bins just didn’t work. It looked sloppy and digging through bins to find something was terrible. I thought I would take another look, and I came upon Lock & Roll Organizer. OMG!!! FINALLY!!!! This is exactly what I had pictured in my head but could never find. All the STUFF is in one kid reachable and roll-able space. It’s PERFECT! And it is organized. Everything has its own spot, and it is easy to use. The kids can roll the Lock & Roll Organizer out of the garage to easily access all their stuff. Then it takes seconds to put it all back in its spot. I was able to fit many basketballs, volleyballs, softballs, baseballs, bats, hockey sticks, chalk, helmets, roller blades, and protective equipment ALL IN ONE SPOT!!! And the best part of it all, it looks neat and organized!

  5. Giacomo Manfredini

    I was fortunate enough to get one of these presale direct from the manufacturer and I absolutely love it! With three sons under the age of 9, all involved in two to three sports each, it’s made my garage much more organized! I purchased two to accommodate all their gear, but they know exactly where to find it when needed for practice or game time and I’m not stressed out looking for anything. The best part is now that Spring is here, I can wheel it out clean and sweep the garage floor, and put it back where it belongs. What a life saver!

  6. Tammy Warren

    This thing is seriously one of the greatest sports organizers ever! It’s sturdy but super lightweight so I can wheel it out to the driveway when my kids have friends over. When play time is done it takes me seconds to wheel it back in the corner. The different compartments keep everything organized and I no longer have the struggle of “where’s my this or that”. I found a piece of plywood and sprayed it black and it makes a great top where the kids can throw their sports bags on top after practice.

    I waited a bit longer than expected for my unit, as it was in the first group to be sold, but the owner was amazing through it all with his communication and even threw in some additional accessories at no charge for my inconvenience. It was well worth the wait and I have been recommending the Lock-and-roll organizer to all my friends!

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